On cigarette packs in China, you will not find warning labels or illustrations about the dangers of smoking. The local retailers greet a desire to order cheap cigarettes online. Although, this is likely to be changed in the future. The cost is a huge run-up: you can buy a pack of cigarettes for 10 cents, or you can buy for $ 100 (a luxury segment with a gold filter). If you are looking for a quality product that is safe for life, you should not buy products cheaper than 5-10 yuan per pack.
The range amazes even the inveterate smoker with a long-term experience. Present the choice in our stores and multiply it by 5, if you add here that each brand of cigarettes has a whole line, you can try a new taste every day. Depending on the province and the size of the store, you can choose for hours. You can buy a pack in any place, starting with kiosks and ending with hypermarkets. There is no age limit, sellers do not ask for documents at the sale.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that China does not take measures to combat smoking. In fact, the country is trying to curb this addiction, but it does it in several other ways. For example, the Communist Party prohibits its members to smoke and party members, all as one, quit smoking. Some companies have introduced additional premiums for those who are struggling with this bad habit. Moreover, as elsewhere in the world, the trend for a healthy lifestyle is gaining momentum. In China, the basic part is predominantly people over 40 years old.
Nevertheless, the number of smokers is over 350 million people, this is a huge market. And local smokers have an idea to shop and order cheap cigarettes online.