The cigarettes “Kiss” are very popular, their types are quite diverse. The peculiarity of this product is the variety of tastes, which became its key attraction to order cheap cigarettes online.
The product has unusual taste qualities, which are obtained due to the fact that a mixture of hookah is added to the tobacco. This makes the taste of cigarettes completely different and differentiates it from similar tobacco products. To date, this brand is one of the most popular among the products for smoking, created for women. It is worthy of competition to such brands as Vogue, Glamor and Murati.

Attention is attracted not by the taste variety of products only, but also the bright design of its packaging. To make the packs stand out among others, they were designed by Italian artists. Preference was given to the flower theme. Each flavor has its own shade. For example, the strawberry flavor was displayed in a red package and so on.

Kiss differs not only by flavor, but also in its size, which allows women to choose the most acceptable products for them. Consumers are available 2 types of cigarettes “Kiss”: super-thin and mini. They have the same diameter, which is only 5 mm, while the length of the superslim reaches 10 cm, and the mini is 4.8 cm.
There are other flavor varieties to order cheap cigarettes online. The manufacturer always tries to surprise and create new species to offer cheap cigarettes online. Each package of this brand contains 20 cigarettes.
Several times the design changed. The second type was created by Quantum Graphics in 2011. It used elements of imitation painting with the help of decorative cosmetics. Three new types of Mini cigarettes were developed: Mohito Love is Desert. Bright and juicy tones were used, targeting the youth audience. At this stage, cigarettes “Kiss” in their design use novelties in the fashion world.