Even despite the definitely impressive list of cigarette brands, most of which are quite realistic to find at the most ordinary grocery store near your home (apart from the opportunity to buy cheap cigarettes online), there are numerous that are not very popular among consumers (Winx, for example). This mainly concerns those brands that are relatively recent on the market, despite the consumers are aware of them through the offers to buy cheap cigarettes online. Smokers are often lazy to diversify their cigarette menu. They are loyal to the initial preferences and forget that there is a plenty of available cigarette brands.

The root of the problem lies in the fact that most smokers who have significant experience also have a certain brand attachment, and this attachment is formed at their beginning of their “journey”. Thus, the majority of the consumers of this market have long formed preferences, from which they would never give up in favor of something new.
Even if the cigarette cigarettes of his favorite brand are not available in the nearest store any more, a consumer will either specifically go after them, or has long had a favorite that takes the second place. For this reason, new brands of cigarettes, appearing on the market have a hard time and they are far from immediately finding their buyers. Below, there are the brands that have long been popular consumer.

The Viceroy brand. The very first pack of this brand of cigarettes left the production line in 1936. The creators of the same product is a company with British and American roots called “British American Tobacco”. This brand enjoys huge demand due to its relative low price that is even lower if you buy cheap cigarettes online.
Marlboro and cowboys. The most popular Marlboro branded cigarettes originate from the USA and are one of the many symbols of the United States. Nowadays, the very name of these cigarettes is already strongly associated with cowboys and western films. All this is owing to one of the most effective advertising campaigns in the world about the “Marlboro cowboys”