Most smokers believe that smoking tempers them in everything and gives them an impetus to create a bright future and perfection in this matter. Thus, by tasting different brands of cigarettes, they will recognize the highest quality, tastiest and most fragrant cigarettes that have ever been smoked. Let’s talk about one of the brands that, by the will of fate and chance, managed to become the main thing in the life of a smoker. And the name is Salem cigarettes.

In this brand, everything is unique and the tobacco bag differed from the same Winston due to the menthol content. And the most interesting thing is that menthol evenly refreshed and dispersed throughout the oral mucosa. Note that cigarettes burn no faster than ordinary cigarettes, for which experienced smokers respected this brand. Original Salem cigarettes attract attention with their unusual green packaging, as if talking about a clear menthol flavor of the product. Being quite strong, tobacco is also soft when used. This gives Salem cigarettes a rich taste. Raw materials are grown in a well-known region – North Carolina.

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What are Salem cigarettes?

Salem became the epitome of the first menthol cigarettes ever to hit the tobacco market. It was a sensation, an unusual phenomenon in those days. After all, many people wanted to smoke cigarettes with other flavors. For which they were rewarded. Naturally, we mean the presence of menthol not in the capsule, but in the tobacco itself. The name of cigarettes comes from the city of Salem. It is historically known that mysticism took place in this city. Events associated with witchcraft inspired fear, but also interest in this settlement. As a result, cigarettes turned out with an ideal, balanced strength and aroma.