All our lives we gain experience, smoke and learn the various subtleties of the process itself. Therefore, it is completely understandable why we are switching from one brand to another. And here is one of the brands that deserves the closest attention.

Sobranie cigarettes are one of the most notorious cigarette brands in the world. And many do not even realize that they have been produced for over 150 years! They are commercially available in over 70 countries. But what is so special about Sobranie cigarettes? Sobranie cigarettes first were launched in 1879. However, designed and presented in London. And, this was the item, which belonged to the high sphere of society. They were not cheap, and only the rich people could have enough money to pay for them. This audience was the main goal.

It was among them that Sobranie cigarettes were originally distributed. One can guess that such a name was not chosen randomly.

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What are Sobranie cigarette?

Sobranie cigarettes first appeared in 1879. Invented and released them in London. Moreover, these were cigarettes of the “luxury segment”. They were very expensive, and only real aristocrats, the rich, representatives of the upper strata of society could afford them. The manufacturer initially “targeted” precisely this audience. It is quite possible that just this factor contributed to their further popularization throughout the world. The price of these tobacco products is not higher than other brands, but the quality is excellent, which absolutely all heavy smokers agree with. Quality is always the component that attracts the eyes and preferences of customers.