Many smokers, who are just getting acquainted with iqos, are almost always sure that in sticks, just like in cigarettes, red ones are strong, and blue ones are light. Heets tobacco sticks have a strong version, rich tobacco – orange sticks. But over time, sticks in a yellow pack catch their eyes – iqos heets Yellow Selection. Yellow sticks are sold almost everywhere; they are like basic sticks for iqos, unlike other sticks from the heets line.

Inside the pack, everything is the same, two pockets with sticks, each individually sealed in good paper, with the heets logo embossed. Iqos heets Yellow Selection tobacco sticks do not have a vile-tasting capsule, and like all heets sticks for iqos, they are very rich. And they turned out to be flavored, which is not a bad sign.

When opening the pack, you will not feel a pungent smell of flavors. And as soon as you heat the stick in the IQOS 3 DUOS holder, you will feel a slight taste of LEMON from the first puff. WOW effect! Lemon cigarettes have not yet been tried by everyone. Usually they are cream, cherry. But not everyone tried this version of lemon. This taste is not like of different versions of sticks – tropic and other aromas, like shower gels.

Yellow sticks are enough for a large number of puffs. By the amount of tobacco they are the same, maybe this is due to the fact that they are drier or tastier. But these sticks are much lighter in strength and saturation. They can be smoked and last for several hours. As in the case of cigarettes, if instead of the usual you smoke super light.

There is no nasty aftertaste in the mouth from iqos heets Yellow Selection sticks, there only remain very distant notes of lemon zest. They do not cause coughing and other related troubles. This product is an extra reason to give you a smoke break.

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