More recently, the unusual format of Winston Compact cigarettes appeared on the shelves of stores and attracted attention. These tobacco products are distinguished by size and subtlety and meet the needs of the average smoker (0.5 mg nicotine / 6 mg tar). For the majority of smokers who love shopping cigarettes online, the Winston Compact Blue cigarettes are especially attractive. These products are characterized by a pleasant and smooth taste as well as an effective filtration system.
Grand interest caused the appearance of cigarettes Winston X. S. Plus, which are notable because of the unique design of the pack. Inside the pack, there are two cases; each of them contains 10 cigarettes. Check it in the options while shopping cigarettes online.

Admission is not new, but the developers of this company have made something of their own: when you click on the arrows on the sides of the pack, each of the cases comes out in the form of a fan. In addition to the original design, the production was applied progressive and relevant to the environment technology LSS. Its essence is to reduce the saturation of the smell of tobacco in space. That is not so easy because smokers can now order greater quantities of cigarettes online.
Among the nice new products, there is also Winston Compact Plus, which closely resembles Winston H.S. Plus. They are distinguished by an additional inscription on the pack, a smaller package size and practicality and strength of the carbon filter, the air chamber inside which facilitates cravings. Visually, they seem thinner than the rest. One of the most popular varieties is Winston Compact Plus Impulse. The filter of each cigarette contains a capsule that changes the taste of the product (after pressing). This aroma is also attractive to the consumers who order cigarettes online.