LD is an abbreviation for Liggett Ducat that was the first manufacturer of these branded cigarettes until Gallaher Group had purchased Liggett Ducat in 2000. Nowadays, the LD cheap cigarettes are distributed in more than 30 countries of the world.
The word Ducat in the brand name means a coin of gold, which is associated with top quality tobacco items in Europe and the USA. The most distinctive feature of LD cheap cigarettes is that they are manufactured from fine quality tobacco only. The mixture is produced from high-value tobacco sorts of Virginia, Burley and Maryland.

Smokers adore the LD cigarettes unique flavor and wonderful smell and they say that these cigarettes can surely be distinguished from any other cigarette brand. These cigarettes possess their proper features, which enable to promote them in the market and actually make them very competitive even among the cigarettes, which are distributed at the lowest prices. LD cheap cigarettes are a preference of those who want to consume fine cigarettes only!

Plain white packs with a hued square in the focal point are extremely appealing. The color of the square illustrates the quality of cigarettes. If you search for cigarettes with an incredibly rich taste, just try to once order these LD cigarettes! They are marketed in numerous different assortments, which include both light and full-flavor aromas.
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