Among people there is an opinion that light cigarettes differ from stronger ones by the composition of tobacco. Actually this is not true. The main difference between tobacco products of the “light” type and their heavier relatives is the structure of the filter, more precisely – in the presence of special ventilation micro-holes and interlayers made of special materials (cellulose acetate, activated carbon, etc.) capable of retaining a certain number of resins.

For most girls, smoking slim cigarettes is part of the image. Style Cigarettes are another type of slim cigarettes, designed for girls. Three types of cigarettes differ in the color of the pack and the amount of nicotine and tar. “Aroma” – nicotine 0.5 mg, tar – 5 mg; “Rose” – nicotine 0.3 mg, tar – 3 mg; “Blue” – nicotine 0.5 mg, tar – 5 mg.

Style Super Slims is an international brand of high quality at an affordable price. This cigarette is a high-price segment, lightweight, elegant, quality and attractive packaging. Style values the uniqueness of every woman, her natural beauty, naturalness and individuality.

Fans and the main thing female fans of this brand are well aware that not only its manufacturer, but also distributors are constantly carrying out actions to promote these cigarettes in the target markets.

By the way, the latest opinion, published by one of the lovers of this brand of cigarettes: “Yesterday I went to my favorite tobacconist to buy a novelty from the brand Style and got to share (by the way, even in the rain)! When you buy one pack, the second you get as a gift. I have never been so fortunate; I did not even believe in luck, I almost left without a present. “

And this is just one example of promo actions of this kind.
The latest news is Style Pink Diamond Cigarettes!