R1 Cigarettes are an international brand that is positioned in the premium price segment and is an expert in the field of light cigarettes. R1 offers consumers a balance of lightness and rich taste. A wide range allows consumers to choose from versions with different tar and nicotine content, as well as different formats and tastes.

R1 Cigarettes were developed by specialists of the famous German company Reemtsma International. For the first time they went on sale in their homeland in 1984. Since then, a little over three decades have passed, and a new brand can already be found on the shelves of stores in almost every country in the world.

R1 Cigarettes have a number of distinctive features that allow them to lead the market along with other, not less famous brands. First, the best varieties of tobacco are used to produce such products. This explains their exceptional taste. Secondly, R1 Cigarettes contain a minimum amount of harmful substances in comparison to other brands. Currently, there are 8 different types of this product on sale.

Many people mistakenly believe that R1 Cigarettes are for women. This misconception is primarily caused by a low content of tar and nicotine in the product.

In the society for some reason there was an opinion that only light women can smoke light cigarettes. Nevertheless, there are men who are happy to buy just such a variety. Is it possible to forbid someone to have fun? And such cigarettes are for this purpose and are intended. A lover of strong tobacco, they are unlikely to smoke. He would need a whole pack for this at once. But those who appreciate the taste, aroma and quality of the raw materials will be able to make the right choice. But, as practice shows, R1 still buy more women. Probably, it’s also because it’s mostly thin cigarettes. Men often prefer products of standard size. Although that is just a public prejudice that was formed over the years. But each person must decide what is more important for him: his own pleasure or the opinions of outsiders. Smoking is a private matter for everyone.