As a result of the distribution of the Camel cigarette brand, aimed at strengthening Camel’s position in the world market and online cigarette sales, different types of cigarettes have been created that differ not only in taste and aroma, but also in their composition.

Based on this, you can find certain types of cigarettes sold at discounts under this brand on the shelves of modern stores. A list of similar products that have become iconic in the world market looks like this:
Camel filter;
Camel light;
Camel super lights;
Camel mild

These cigarettes are in keeping with the spirit of classic products that were discontinued as a result of the rebuilding of the industry. They are the followers of the traditions of their distant ancestors. Hence, Camel Cigarettes contain the highest dosage of nicotine and related tars. Their indicators are 0.9 mg and 12 mg in one cigarette, respectively.

Camel Lights is a cigarette with a reduced amount of ingredients, the values of which look slightly different from the successor to the classic product. The nicotine content of this brand is 0.7 mg in the presence of 8 mg of tar.

Camel Super Lights, on the other hand, is the harmless version of these cigarettes and does not cause any toxic effects on the body.
As a special case to find cigarette sales with discounts online, Camel Mild can be considered as an alternative to classic cigarettes. This strain has a fundamentally different composition of the tobacco mixture, which results in a cigarette with a rather strong taste and sweet aroma. At the same time, their composition contains a sufficient amount of harmful substances, which in the shortest possible time can lead to the formation of harmful addiction. The nicotine level is 0.8 mg and the tar level is 10 mg which is quite high.

These cigarettes are marketed through online cigarette sales with discounts.
They are valued for their taste, strength, and low prices and discounts when these cigarettes are sold through online retailers.