The patented technology of Philip Morris International allows you to smoke tobacco by using a special heat-up device. When smoking, a user shall experience the same sensations as if smoking a regular cigarette. There is a special Buy Iqos Heets USA market survey that confirms this perception of IQOS.

The whole point is that the tobacco in IQOS is not burnt, but heated. Tobacco is vaporized and smokers inhale the vapors of pure instead of burnt tobacco smoke that is mixed with burnt paper.
The advantage of such a system is that it allows the smoker to fully experience the taste and aroma of real tobacco while eliminating the risks of tobacco consumption.

This technology was created in 2014 and received the name “Heat Control” or “heat-not-burn” and users liked it so much that about 6 million people already use it. Why IQOS is good – the user reviews are often positive.

Some USA market research was led, which scope was to identify the customer reviews about the advantages of IQOS usage.

This Buy Iqos Australia market survey enabled to distinguish the major advantages of IQOS such as: no smoke and ash; unusual, milder taste compared to cigarette; no smell left on hands and clothes.
If we talk about the classic (very first) model of IQOS 2.4, then this is a device, consisting of two parts – a charger the size of a mobile phone and a handset (holder).

A holder (or holder) is used for smoking. It looks like a round rod with a cap. Inside the holder there is a steel rod in the form of a blade, on which a stick (mini-cigarette) is strung. After switching on, it picks up temperature and heats the tobacco, as a result of which vapor is formed. IQOS charger.

It is designed to charge the holder itself with it after each smoked stick. It has a hinged lid and a dedicated tube compartment. The USA market has positively perceived this IQOS device. There is a special Buy Iqos Heets USA market survey that confirms it.