There are literally hundreds of brands and types of cigarettes, each of which has its own taste and unique characteristics, so there is plenty to choose from. For a start, you can start with Prima Lux Cigarettes. They will suit you, choose those cigarettes that you like more – one pack of light in order to be able to compare them.

The cost of cigarettes is constantly growing, but there is always an opportunity to take advantage of cigarettes that allow you to enjoy smoking, smoke your favorite cigarettes and do not spend a lot of money on their purchase.

Prima Lux Cigarettes with a filter are a quite well-known brand of cigarettes, made of mixture, which refers to the type American Blend, contains imported aromatic tobaccos, such as Virginia Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish and other regions of origin. A bag of this kind is distinguished by a deep, rich taste and aroma.

Prima Lux is popular among smokers; they belong to the middle class at an affordable price level and attract a wide range of consumers who prefer traditional cigarettes with a characteristic pleasant tobacco flavor. You should feel a flow of pleasure, and your first reaction is the desire to make a second puff, but you should not do this. Little by little – for the first time is enough, otherwise you may not like it. So, after getting a trial experience, wait at least an hour, but no more than a day. Then you can again light another cigarette and this time make two puffs. Gradually add one puff each time you light a new cigarette. As soon as the first pack of cigarettes is over, open the second one.

By the way, they say that the queen herself tried of Prima Lux Cigarettes.
The Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II, smokes very little, but if she smokes, she gives preference to Prima Lux, the supplies of Prima from the Kiev tobacco factory to Buckingham Palace were organized back in the USSR, when Elizabeth II arrived in the country for the first time on an official visit.