Despite the “legally short” history, Philip Morris International is the second largest tobacco market company in the world, which controls about 18% of the world market. In the company’s portfolio of brands, such famous brands as L & M, Parliament, Muratti, Virginia Slims, Chesterfield, Bond, Next and, of course, Marlboro – the most expensive world brand of cigarettes. The history of “Philip Morris International Company dates back to the time when Philip Morris in 1847 opened the first store for the sale of tobacco and cigarettes on Bond Street in London.

The shares of tobacco companies, like human weaknesses, are not subject to a crisis. No matter how tobacco is banned in any of its manifestations, its producers and their profits are in safety. Philip Morris International represents such an approach. It is thanks to “maintenance” of basic human needs that the business of both tobacco and food companies reacts less to the crisis, and their shares are “protective”.

Nevertheless, despite the never-ending flow of “woken” smokers, tobacco companies continue to stay afloat, and their shares are in high demand among investors. The reason is simple: no matter how the world changes, no matter what crises are hit by the system and no matter how much oil costs, smokers smoke, smoke and smoke.

Philip Morris Cigarettes are very good balanced cigarettes (Virginia mixture) of the middle price category. The taste is very rich, with complex mid-notes. It does not get boring with time.
As for many smokers, these cigarettes are close to additive free – nothing distorts the taste of tobacco. Smoking is satiating, there is sufficient fortress.

One can say that these cigarettes embody everything that smokers expect from smoking. They open a totally new world of satisfaction, joy and perfection. Yes, smoking can be perfect and necessary for everyone.