In 2007, the KENT Nanotek line comes to the world market and it was a new era of top-value cheap cigarettes, the length is 83 mm, the diameter is 5 mm, the new one is the Taste + filter instead of the usual carbon filter for 2 sections. Mostly, these are “female” cigarettes. These are cheap cigarettes, which are easy to smoke and have a pleasant, unobtrusive taste. Consumers mark the quality and stylish design of the new packaging. A thin little pack of black with different colors of side strips in the design.

KENT Nanotek Blue: 6 mg tar, 0.5 mg nicotine. With blue stripes.
KENT Nanotek Silver: 4 mg tar, 0, 4 mg nicotine. With dark gray stripes. It is one of the most popular types of brand.
KENT Nanotek White : 1 mg tar content, 0.1 mg nicotine content. A pack with light gray stripes. Are suitable for those who “indulges” or is a smoker “weekend”.
We have been smoking for 8 years, and it is not possible to quit. Each time, quitting, we again return to the long-awaited cigarette, after holding out from the force for several days. Again and again our choice is the KENT cigarette brand, owing to the wide range they have something to try. We try to smoke my favorite thin Nanotek White or Silver. An elegant pack from the category of “compact” and small cigarettes won us at first sight. The taste is soft and pleasant (as far as it can be pleasant in cigarettes).

And also we want to mention KENT Infina – light and unobtrusive, high-quality tobacco. Definitely worth the money.
If we compare the elegant “kids” and a cheaper, but also easy Next with a huge variety of tastes, we are more impressed by a little expensive, but still beloved KENT.
Let’s start with taste. The first thing we would like to say is that Kent smokes quite nicely, but only if before puffing up the smoke is slightly held up in the mouth and inhaled along with the air. Otherwise, if you drag right away, an unpleasant tickle appears in your throat, but in general this doesn’t affect the taste of cigarettes.