It was West brand that was one of the first in the world to use the popular American Blend tobacco mixture. The launch of sales of the new brand was accompanied by a dynamic advertising campaign under the slogan “Let’s go West!”. Thanks to a successful pricing policy, positioning quality at a reasonable price, a year later the brand became one of the leading in Germany. In 1986, the advertising campaign “Test the West!” Started, which significantly increased the brand recognition. The success consisted in simplicity and originality of the action. Promoters in pubs, bars, restaurants and discotheques offered young people with blindfolds to try West Cigarettes, compare them with what they usually smoke, and make a choice in favor of one or another brand.

In 1989 there took part the launch of West Lights production. The expansion of the range and the high demand for brand cigarettes made it possible in two years to begin sales in Eastern and Central Europe. Since 1985, Reemtsma has been actively using advertising in sports to promote the brand. West became the main partner of the Zakspeed team, which represented Germany at the “Formula-1”. The best result in the period of support for the team of the West brand is Martin Brandel’s 5th place at the 1987 San Marino Grand Prix. Sponsorship continued until 1989, when the team left the competition.

In 1997, a new phase of West’s history began in Formula One: the brand became the title sponsor of the McLaren team, which was renamed to West McLaren Mercedes in honor of it. The cars were equipped with Mercedes engines; they got silvery colors, developed on the basis of design of packs of West Silver. In the team moved Mika Hakkinen, who for two consecutive years won the championship title. From 1997 to 2002, West was the title sponsor of the strongest Slovak hockey league Slovak Extraliga.

According to consumers, West Cigarettes are a combination of real German quality, innovation in the field of filters and affordable price. Thanks to unique developments that are held constantly, the brand can be safely called an expert in the field of filtration systems.