Camel Cigarettes are truly iconic cigarettes. They emphasize their conservatism with their kinds, taste and smell. In 1913, they were produced by American Tobacco Company R. J. R., and since then the design of the pack has not undergone any revolutionary changes. Camel is a legendary cigarette brand, whose popularity has led to the fact that today these cigarettes take the fifth place in terms of sales in the world.
In fifties, Camel Cigarettes survived a fierce competition with Marlboro, this resistance of two tobacco giants will be long remembered by marketers and PR agents, and then – even their own re-branding, which went only to the benefit of the famous brand. The outlook of the pack became more conservative, and the “assorted” cigarettes disappeared from the assortment. In fact, they have not disappeared; just the variety had a new name.

Since its first days of existence, the brand creates around itself a romantic image of a free traveler. Exploiting such concepts as the desire to travel, the love of adventure, the brand creates itself. The very fact that Camel was included in the ration of American military units only betrayed the brand charm. Finally, to consolidate the image of men’s quality cigarettes with the character of the company helps the most real men’s match. Racing, cars, adrenaline and speed – all these are the favorite toys of real men.

This competition is Camel Trophy. For those 20 years that this speed match exists, more than 150 teams have participated in it, and the event itself took place in 24 countries around the world.

In 1999, the Japanese tobacco concern Japan Tobacco bought out the business of RJL International, and with it the exclusive right to develop, manufacture and sell cigarettes under the Camel trademark, as well as Winston and Salem.