Viceroy Cigarettes are the cigarettes with a long and great history. 65 years ago Viceroy Brand was launched in the US, and today this brand is known and sold in 50 countries. Throughout the history of the brand, the American type of tobacco mixture was used in the manufacturing process. In 1952, Viceroy Cigarettes revolutionized the tobacco market in the United States. This was the first brand, which the manufacturer equipped with a filter of acetate fibers. He retained all the shades of taste and aroma of the tobacco leaf, but detained harmful combustion products and ash particles. Smokers quickly appreciated the novelty, which allowed enjoying the taste of “pure” tobacco without impurities. Soon other companies started to produce cigarettes with such a filter.

In the United States, Viceroy Cigarettes were among the most popular for many decades. The brand is also in great demand in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Canada. The name of Viceroy Cigarettes was received thanks to the representative of the royal dynasty Weiss, after whom they were named. In translation, this word means “ROI” or “return on investment”..

Today Viceroy is one of the cheapest cigarettes. But the low price does not mean bad quality. Many smokers for years remain faithful to this brand. Lovers of light or strong tobacco can anytime try Viceroy. Under this brand, cigarettes with different levels of strength are produced.
Silver – the lightest, have a pleasant unobtrusive aroma.
Blue – a rich taste of natural tobacco, a bright aroma, medium strength.
Red – the strongest and heaviest, differ in rich flavor.

These varieties help you identify your preferences and advantages of smoking. Any type of smoker may find something very new and unknown for himself/herself by smoking this brand. Is it not a good alternative?! Smoking was introduced into this world in order to please and satisfy people.