The popularity of Dunhill Cigarettes is growing every year. It continues to develop in many areas. The internal and external characteristics of the product, the shape and design of the pack continue to change. Until 2006, the product line included four product types: Filter, Lights, Ultra and Infinite. Later there were added a few more: Dunhill Fine Cut, Top Leaf, Gold. All of them favorably differ from their competitors by the pleasant aroma of real quality tobacco and excellent aftertaste. Each species is unique in its own way, and regular customers especially highlight the cigarettes “Dunhill Gold” and “Light”.

True lovers of delicate aroma and real Cuban tobacco varieties have long been appreciated for its worth. Dunhill Cigarettes are now easily recognizable all over the world. They are characterized by a fresh aftertaste with notes of sweetness and undiluted clean and expensive tobacco smell. This is the main distinguishing feature of a truly high-quality product in all respects.

The company selected certain types of goods that fully meet the needs and tastes of consumers in every country. For Europe, the most preferred were the Light and Light Dark Blue varieties, and for America – Blue and Red. The homeland of this production – England – stood out against the general background. Cigarettes destined for this country were packed in a chic golden pack with the company’s logo engraved on it. They pointed to the respectability of its owner. It’s important to know what the real Dunhill cigarettes look like.

Any pack includes a number of peculiar characteristics of the company in its appearance, which make it possible to easily distinguish the goods from forgery.

Relief. The face of the pack has a slight roughness, which is very well felt when ironing it with your fingers. The lack of foil. It was replaced with a “humidor” – an ordinary tightly welded film, on the one side of which a small amount of adhesive was applied. This method allows you to keep the entire flavor of tobacco exclusively inside the pack, and after removing the cigarettes from it; the valve can be easily lowered and glued back to the package.