Style cigarettes are an international brand of high quality at an affordable price. These are cigarettes of a high price segment, light, elegant, high quality and in attractive packaging. Style cigarettes stress the uniqueness of every woman, her natural beauty, naturalness and individuality.

Style cigarettes stand out among a wide range of lightweight products thanks to their taste and pleasant aroma. They are developed specifically for the perfect half of humanity. Producers of toned damask papiros focus more attention on their external design, since design is the most important criterion when choosing a cigarette.

Style cigarettes have a light or medium degree of strength. The tobacco is supplemented with various flavoring agents, additives – menthol, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, berries and fruits.

Style cigarettes are produced by the international brand “Imperial Tobacco Group”. Style cigarettes are characterized by high-quality raw materials and affordable prices. Style cigarettes are intended for confident women and smart men who wish to attract the attention of ladies with their uniqueness. They emphasize the uniqueness of every lady. These cigarettes are called ladies. They have a smaller concentration of tar and nicotine, the tobacco is supplemented with various flavoring additives – menthol, fruits, berries. The Style cigarettes brand has the popular Jade line. The assortment of Style cigarettes is presented by the following items: Style Aroma with a subtle vanilla aroma, Style Blue, which is soft in taste, Rose Style cigarettes, which have easy-to-wear poses.

Elegant Style cigarettes are seductive for smokers, but some smokers say that cigarettes are currently an expensive purchase item. That is right for those who buy Style cigarettes in retail networks, but not for smart smokers who are able to order cigarettes online.

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