Philip Morris’ iqos heets Amber sticks are designed for use with iqos. Heets are heated, but not burned. Iqos heets Amber sticks for all available iqos devices, as an additional alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes. Taste: The iqos heets Amber Selection stands for balanced tobacco enjoyment, complemented by a fine wood note and light nut flavors.

Iqos heets Amber are made from high quality, compressed tobacco. The tobacco is heated in the iqos holder and not burned like a normal cigarette. When heated, the nicotine-containing aerosols develop, which can be inhaled similar to a cigarette. By using iqos heets Amber, you will experience an unadulterated taste of real tobacco enjoyment.

Iqos heats the tobacco contained in the tobacco sticks instead of burning it: Thanks to the HeatControl technology, the tobacco stick is constantly and controlled heated, so that a tobacco vapor is generated. The product is intended for tobacco enjoyment without fire, without ashes and without the smell of cigarette smoke. Iqos heets Amber sticks were specially designed for iqos devices, such as the iqos 3 DUO Kit.

Iqos heets Amber sticks from Philip Morris are made from high quality and compressed tobacco. When the tobacco is heated in the iqos holder, the nicotine-containing aerosol unfolds. The inhalation takes place, similar to a classic cigarette, through the filter of the tobacco stick. To use heets from Marlboro, you need the iqos Kit.

Iqos heets Amber sticks are rolls of tobacco about 5 cm long that is held together by a thin paper tube that contains a corn filter filled with pressed tobacco. It comes hot in a pack of 20 tobacco rods. Using a tobacco stick takes about as long as smoking a traditional cigarette. Hot are heated by an iqos device and not burned like a conventional cigarette. Tobacco does not release smoke, ashes and fewer odors. The nicotine-containing tobacco vapor contains fewer pollutants than the smoke from a cigarette. Heets are available in 6 flavors and mimic the experience of a traditional cigarette.