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Cigarettes without filters have a long tradition, because they were the first real cigarettes. One of the big brands is Lucky Strike. These were introduced by the GI’s after the Second World War. But also in Germany there are well-known and sonorous cigarettes without filters. There is no doubt that Reval and Roth-Händle are among them. From France, Gauloises Brunes and Gitanes are added to other delicious cigarettes without filters. Many of the classics such as Salem No. 6, Player’s Virginia No. 6, Ova, Overstolz, Orienta, Finas or Eckstein No. 5 are no longer available. This is a pity, because with them not only a tradition is lost, but also a great taste.

Cigarettes without additives have become increasingly popular in recent years. In our online shop you will find cigarettes for sale without additives for each of the main brands Marlboro, Chesterfield, L&M, Gauloises, Lucky Strike and Pall Mall. The term “without additives” must no longer appear on the packaging (according to TPD2), so these are now defined as Simply, Just or Authentic.

A cigarette is a tobacco product for smoking. It is made from fermented, dried and finely chopped leaves of the tobacco plant. The cigarette consists of a filter, a mouthpiece and cigarette paper into which the tobacco is stuffed or rolled. There are also cigarettes without filters. The cigarette is among the tobacco products, the product that is most consumed. Ready-made cigarettes are available in different degrees of strength, which differ, among other things, in their nicotine content. There are very variable flavors of R1 cigarettes today, ranging from very subtle to very strong and therefore providing the right aroma for every smoker.