Gauloises cigarettes are a French brand of cigarettes that were released to the market by the Altadis Corporation in 1910. As a result of rebranding in 1984, the name of Gauloises cigarettes was changed to Gauloises Blonder.

The name comes from the Gallic people (gaulois in French) and the memory that this people tried to resist Roman hegemony. During the World Wars, the Gauloises cigarettes brand was associated with smoking (poilu, a slang term used by French infantrymen in the trenches) and the endurance of combatants during the Vichy regime . The brand is also associated with representative figures of the world, such as artists and intellectuals. All these romantic conditions make Gauloises a popular brand.

Initially, Gauloises cigarettes were short, wide, without a filter; they were made from dark tobacco from Syria and Turkey, which gave them a strong and characteristic smell. Some non-smokers compare the smell of these cigarettes to the smell of burning tar.

At first, Gauloises cigarettes did not have a special filter, due to which their length was small. In the production of cigarettes, Turkish and Syrian tobacco was used, due to which they had a rich taste and aroma. Later, Gauloises cigarettes began to be produced with a filter, and tobacco from North America began to be added to the tobacco mixture, thanks to which their taste became softer.

During the Second World War, Gauloises cigarettes were popular among the patriots of France. Also among their admirers was Pablo Picasso, the founder of Cubism, and other cultural and political figures. Today, the production of Gauloises cigarettes is engaged in Spain. Sales volumes have been reduced, which has led to negative consequences for the company and its financial performance, and hard times for the Gauloises brand.

In the market you can find three flavored types of Gauloises cigarettes: red, blue, yellow. Due to the affordable price and high quality of tobacco, these cigarettes are popular among smokers.