The Philip Morris Company has released a new Parliament brand of cigarettes with the exotic name Tropic Voyage for the shopping lovers who order cheap cigarettes online. The most remarkable feature of cigarettes is the presence of two aroma capsules. The first capsule has a taste of tropical fruits; the second one is tasted as wild berries. According to the manufacturer, when you activate both capsules, you will feel the previously unique taste and aroma of tobacco. Well, if you do not activate – you will feel the familiar and impeccable taste of the classical Parliament cigarettes.

Having already tried a sufficient number of push-button cigarettes of different brands, we also got to today’s new Parliament Tropic Voyage.
In general, we are still looking for push-button cigarettes with an evident cherry flavor, which I tried in Turkey. While being there, we once had a chance to order cheap cigarettes online from a local store. We were amazed with the results.

So, Tropic Voyage is a surprise for shoppers, ordering cheap cigarettes online.
They differ from ordinary Parliament cigarettes by availability of two capsules.
On the back of the package, there are, as usual, terrifying pictures about various diseases. Pictures, as usual, we want to flip rather than look.
When opening the package, we see that the cigarettes are additionally packed into paper. Under it, there is a visible filter.
The cigarettes have two capsules in the filter: with the aroma of tropical fruits and with the aroma of wild berries.
When you click on the capsule, we hear a click, meaning that the capsule burst. Next, we need to feel the difference in the taste of cigarettes without capsules and the taste of cigarettes with capsules.

Both tastes are optimized for the smokers.

Smoker, who order cheap cigarettes online, can easily check it.