In addition to being safe, convenient and comfortable to use, heets sticks come in a wide range of different flavors and aromas. From classic tobacco to fruity and spicy flavors, each heets stick has a rich taste and aroma that lasts throughout the smoking session. This makes using heets not only enjoyable but also interesting for lovers of new flavors.

Iqos heets Amber sticks or heets Amber Selection are iqos sticks in orange packaging. Strengths. Rich, balanced and spicy flavor of tobacco made from a mixture of three different plants – Virginia, Burley and Oriental. The flavor of the tobacco smoke has light woody and nutty notes. The smoke output when smoking an orange stick is medium.

This type of stick is positioned as an alternative to tobacco for avid smokers. Of the entire range, it is most often associated with classic tobacco flavors. Iqos heets Amber is the most popular type of sticks, which are always the first to be sold out in stores.

Small and compact: iqos heets Amber sticks are compact in size and shorter in length than regular cigarettes. This makes them convenient to carry in your bag or pocket. Unique flavors: iqos heets Amber sticks come in a wide range of flavors from classic tobacco to fruit and menthol. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of flavors.

Heating technology: iqos heets Amber sticks are heated using the iqos device. Firstly, the heating process does not cause combustion, but only heats the tobacco to a certain temperature, which avoids the formation of soot and other harmful combustion products. Secondly, iqos devices can be used economically and productively due to the long smoking time and high tobacco utilization.

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In addition, an important factor is the quality and composition of the sticks. Different manufacturers use different ingredients and manufacturing techniques, which can affect the flavor and quality of the sticks. Therefore, when choosing one or another type of sticks, pay attention to the manufacturer and composition of the product, as well as refer to our recommendations.