Heets cigarettes are made from the highest quality tobacco. Heets sticks are packed with real tobacco and have filters and paper wrappers just like real cigarettes, so it is not an exaggeration to say that they are new-life cigarettes.

If you have not decided yet how to search for iqos heets Australia wide, you will need to find a good online store. The older generation sticks, called iqos heets, are no longer available in the newer models.

The reason for this is simple: iqos has moved away from the old heat control system and has adopted the Smartcore induction system for its new tobacco heating sticks. Instead of using a heating blade, the heets mouthpiece has a stainless steel strip and coil mounted high in the mouthpiece holder. When the iqos stick is inserted into the holder, the coil creates a magnetic field that heats the stick from the inside. There is no heating blade in the holder as in previous models.

To use an iqos stick with the new cigarette heater, insert the stick into the holder up to the mark. With a short vibration the heating process starts automatically and the tobacco in your stick is heated to the optimal temperature. When the optimal temperature is reached, the mouthpiece will vibrate briefly again and smoking can begin. When you are finished smoking, simply remove the stick from the cartridge and dispose of it in the trash.

Again, it is up to you to choose which sticks you prefer in order to look for iqos heets Australia wide. The lightest is Turquoise. The other varieties are medium in strength and density.

In online stores, you can almost always find heets for iqos Australia wide that you are looking for.

To order iqos heets Australia wide online has many benefits. Fully understand the product. Detailed descriptions, expert advice, reviews of other buyers – all this information will help you learn more about cigarettes and make a rational choice. At your convenience, you can not only calmly look up information about your favorite sticks, but also learn many interesting facts about the industry and its history.