Davidoff Cigarettes are branded cigarettes preferred by wealthy smokers because of their high cost. The cigarettes are made from quality tobacco.

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The first Davidoff cigarettes were developed and manufactured by Zino Davidoff, the son of a tobacco dealer. After the Davidoff family had to emigrate, they opened a new tobacco shop in Geneva. Zino Davidoff later went to Cuba to learn the art of cigar rolling and to perfect his knowledge of cigar making. Today Davidoff is a noble brand in the field of cigars and cigarette brands.

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The founder of the brand of true connoisseurs of elite tobacco was the Davidoff family, originally from Kiev, at that time still the Russian Empire. In 1911 they immigrated to Switzerland. There, a year later, Davidoff Sr. opened a small tobacco shop where tobacco was mixed by hand based on customer preferences. The business was family run. All of its members were involved in the process. The eldest son stood out for his efforts. He sincerely liked his father’s occupation, he strove to adopt his experience and skills. At this time, the young,
purposeful Zino Davidoff consolidated knowledge. For about 2 years he worked on the tobacco plantations of Cuba, studying the manufacture of famous cigars. Having gone all the way from a courier and a loader to the head of the tobacco giant.

All types of Davidoff cigarettes belong to the “Premium” class. These products are considered to be expensive, the quality that the cigarette manufacturer maintains more than justifies the price. One of the few brands that cares about a stable price does not accept frequent hikes. The quality of raw materials is always at its best, only natural tobacco is used.

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