The sales volumes of cheap cigarettes are booming every day.
Usually, this phenomenon is explained with the tobacco addictions and trend to order online. To some extent, that is true, but there are some other facts as well.

Let’s start with a long-familiar fact: for most smokers, the process of smoking is a great opportunity to anti-stress. By themselves, cigarettes and their contents do not have any anti-stress properties. Soothing is the ritual of smoking, associated with the possibility of distracting from unpleasant things or thoughts. Thus, here is clearly seen that the benefits of smoking are psychological. By the way, precisely because of emotional, psychological addiction, quitting smoking is a downright impossible task for many smokers. Only the underlying reason for such difficulties is not a cigarette or nicotine, but the unconscious problems of persons who “emerge from the depths” in distress. So, to remain healthy in such cases, you need to be a smoker, and work with internal, deeply hidden causes of stress and the desire to smoke.

The desire to be healthy forces to purchase cheap cigarettes.
Imagine the surprise of the researchers when it turned out that a group of women who suffered from cancer could survive for the reason that they are smokers with solid experience. It is worth noting that one of the risk factors for the development of this disease is the age of 50 and high body weight. The fact that smoking contributes to the maintenance of body weight at an optimal level is known to almost everyone, but what is the matter with cancer? It turned out that nicotine in those doses, in which it is contained in cigarettes, has a powerful anti-estrogenic effect. In prenatal women, the amount of estrogen surpasses all necessary quantities – and this is a direct path