Many smokers decide to buy Winston cigarettes for the first time because of their price, but they immediately join the ranks of fans of this brand. It was launched in 1954. Winston cigarettes were originally marketed as a classic American filter cigarette. And just two years later, Winston cigarettes were recognized as the best brand. In 1965, these were the most popular cigarettes in the United States. Today, many varieties of cigarettes are produced under this brand. Men and women, experienced and novice smokers can easily find their favorite scent in a wide range.

Winston cigarettes can be bought at a low price, but this does not affect their quality. For the production of tobacco products of this brand, only high-quality raw materials are used. For decades, the brand’s products have maintained the status of the most popular among smokers. Consumers choose the company’s products focusing on the optimal price-quality ratio. In our country, Winston has the unofficial status of “people’s cigarettes”. The manufacturer’s products are preferred by about 40% of smokers.

Features of Winston cigarettes: Winston cigarettes have been at the forefront of the market for decades. The company’s success is due to affordable prices along with decent product quality. Winston cigarettes are in demand due to their balanced strength. Smoke-inhalers appreciate cigarettes for their bright tobacco taste and rich aroma. To achieve the listed properties, the company’s blending masters use special tobacco blends. Traditional Virginia cigarette raw materials are combined in optimal proportions with Burley leaves. As a result, the smoky trail is saturated with moderately pungent, slightly tart accents. A caramel aftertaste is revealed during the puffs. Winston cigarettes are equipped with reliable acetate filters. The latter retain the maximum volume of plant resins. A limited amount of harmful chemicals enter the lungs of smokers.

Lines of Winston cigarettes. The renowned company supplies the market with the following options for smoking products: King Size Winston cigarettes are classic cigarettes with a filter. They contain an increased concentration of nicotine, for which they are appreciated by experienced smokers. Delight consumers with an intense tobacco taste. Blue Winston cigarettes are medium-strength cigarettes.

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