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“Camel” belongs to the most popular and recognizable cigarette brands not only in Australia, but throughout the world. In many ways, this is facilitated by the well-known conservatism of the brand, adherence to traditions. This is also expressed in the restriction of the use, in the production of cigarettes, of the latest achievements of the chemical industry – various flavors and flavor enhancers. In part, this is done to maintain the created brutal image of “Camel” – real cigarettes for real men. The tobacco mix used in Camel Filters is a traditional American blend, with a fairly uniform slicing of tobacco leaf. The mixture uses virginia, oriental, burley varieties, without any flavors. Barely perceptible nutty notes to the smoke are given by the tobacco itself, and not by-product additives. Camel Filters belong to the class of fairly strong cigarettes.

Captain Black became widely known among smokers due to its peculiarity: manufacturers replaced the paper typical for tobacco products with tobacco sheets, restored with the help of softeners. By replacing paper with tobacco, the process of smoking Captain Black is different from enjoying other brands. In addition, for gourmet smokers, a palette of flavors has been thought out: chocolate, vanilla, menthol or tart sweetness.

Tobacco for the production of cigarettes is used only of the highest quality. The packaging does not differ in a special design – the creators focus on the internal component of the pack, for which the fans of tobacco smoke are ready to pay to order high-value Buy cigarettes online Adelaide.

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