We know the brands that are available as cheap cigarettes.
L&M. The brand appeared in 1953. Now it is produced by the company Altria Group, the former Philip Morris. The name of cigarettes appeared due to the abbreviation of the first two names of businessmen, John Liggett and Smith Meier.
They founded the tobacco company Ligget and Myers. The first cigarettes were filter and steel L & M. The filter was white, which immediately highlighted the new product. Nowadays, the cheap cigarettes of L&M brand are one of the best-selling brands in the world; they are loved in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

All cigarettes were represented by six tastes. In 2007, the L & M brand has undergone major changes. A new tobacco blend, new triple filter, has been used.
And the packaging began to look differently. Now there are only five tastes. For excellent quality, the manufacturer does not ask too much money and its loyal consumers are able to purchase cheap cigarettes.

Winston. This brand was produced in 1954 by R.J.Reynolds. The name came from the city of Winston-Salem in South Carolina. Here is the historical center of processing tobacco leaves. By that time, America was satisfied with strong tobacco and the same flavor; a qualitative leap was necessary. It is said that one of the directors of RJR, Edward Darr, while resting in Switzerland, tried filtered cigarettes. He liked the novelty so much that it was decided to release a similar product in the United States. In new cigarettes, a special blend of tobacco has appeared, a sort of barley has entered it. It was not just dried, but specially treated with temperature, giving a light caramel flavor. Immediately after the release,
Winston was recognized as the best cigarette brand in the United States, from 1966 to 1972, generally ranking first in sales. These were the first filter cigarettes mass-produced in the country. In the 1970s, the brand began to spread outside the US.