The story of More cigarettes begins in the USA in the mid-1970s. RJ Reynolds, a fast-growing company, was testing a new product that would give it a long-term competitive edge in the tobacco market. Only Moa’s elongated cigarettes managed to outstrip the competition.

The brand’s home state is Oklahoma, where it was first introduced to consumers. The manufacturer decided to abandon fancy slogans and concentrate on promising production techniques. For example, laser stamping was used for the first time to produce filters, brown wrappers and non-standard 120 mm lengths.

More cigarettes were positioned as high-quality products. They were packaged in a striking red carton, narrower in width but longer than usual in length. With its eye-catching brown paper, Moa quickly became popular among Bohemians. In fact, it’s still in use today, having been developed in 1975, and is very popular with fans.

The introduction of JTI strengthened the brand’s position, but the marketing focus was on women. New flavors were added to the range. Smokers particularly appreciate menthol cigarettes. Cigarette packs traditionally use American blends. Moor cigarettes, filtered or not, are considered stronger. Their length allowed for long smoking and full enjoyment of the tobacco flavor.

More is a tobacco brand that offers smokers an infinite choice of flavors and aromas. More filler tobaccos are made from the highest quality tobacco and have a unique flavor. The company is dedicated to developing new and unique tobacco varieties to meet the needs of the most demanding smokers.

What are More cigarettes?

The tobacco blend used in their production is also the same as that without menthol. It has a rich, chocolaty flavor. What’s more, because of the menthol flavor used, the More 120s Menthol smoke resembles your favorite American candy: a chocolate mint candy. Because of their elegance and flavor, these cigarettes are of course especially popular with women. However, many men also prefer More 120s Menthol, making this product quite versatile. Especially as it’s quite strong. In terms of resin and nicotine, More 120s Menthol is classified as “full-flavored”, i.e. strong. Thanks to its length, it can be smoked for a very long time and satisfies the “hunger” for strong nicotine.