Rothmans cigarettes are more than just ordinary cigarettes. They indicate the status in the society as well as the financial stability of the smoker. Exclusively thanks to a carefully selected combination of paper, tobacco varieties, cigarette sizes, products became in demand among the English high society. Already 10 years after the opening of the first store, a showroom was opened on the secular Pall Mall Street.

Rothmans cigarettes are inextricably linked with their consumers. They exist for their prosperity. This product marked an entire era, its changeability, new trends, and submission to the market.

At the moment, Rothmans cigarettes determine the middle price segment; this brings smokers closer to this phenomenon – smoking branded cigarettes. The developers claim that they are always guided by the English recipe. And this recipe reveals the taste of cigarettes as much as possible. These cigarettes are distinguished by their modern packaging design and a rich selection of flavor versions.

That’s why it’s important to find a brand you can trust. These cigarettes are of great interest but not everyone has the time to independently test all the products available on the market. You need to find an online store with an excellent reputation and great reviews. It will help you make a choice quickly and efficiently. In a couple of days you will be so satisfied by getting your desired cigarettes.

What are Rothmans cigarettes?

Rothmans as a brand of cigarettes appeared in 1890. Its ideological inspiration was Louis Rothman. She got her name as a brainchild. Rotman still managed to start his knowledge in the production of tobacco products in Kyiv. Until 1887, he studied the basics under the guidance of an uncle. His uncle owned a tobacco factory. But very soon the teenager immigrated to the UK. Rothman founded the first small kiosk selling cigarettes in Fleet Street, England. There were publishing houses and editorial offices on this street. That is, journalists were the first buyers of Rothmans. Soon he married, and the business coincided with this significant event. He was continued by his successful business, became a partner and successor.