Pall Mall cigarettes reached the peak of its popularity in 1960, when it became the number one brand in the world of cigarettes. America. Gambling in the design paid off, and so the company launched “long cigarettes” or 100 mm cigarettes (again, this time creating a standard for long cigarettes) in 1966. In 1966, when Winston realized that cigarettes could no longer compete with the Pall Mall advertising campaign, “Winston tastes as good as a cigarette should be.”

In 1994, Pall Mall cigarettes and Lucky Strike were acquired by Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation, as the former American Tobacco company expelled tobacco brands. In 2001, Pall Mall was rebranded as a savings brand and launched several types of filtered cigarettes. Brown & Williamson merged with R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company On July 30, 2004, the surviving company was renamed R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. R. J. Reynolds continues to make unfiltered and filtered Pall Mall styles for the U.S. market, highlighting the latter. British American Tobacco builds and sells Pall Mall cigarettes outside the U.S.

Pall Mall is currently located in the “Growth Brand” segment of the R. J. Reynolds brand portfolio. Pall Mall within British American Tobacco is one of four drive brands. During the recession of the late 2000s, Pall Mall was marketed as a “premium price premium product,” which increased the product from a 1.95 percent market share in 2006 with a quarterly volume of 1.6 billion to 7.95 percent and 5.5 billion in the third quarter of 2010. The former best-selling Camel was our non-performing company with an 8 percent share and a share of 5.6 billion in the said period.

Pall Mall cigarettes are Reynolds’ most popular cigarette. Newport and Camel Reynolds released two new versions in October 2012. Menthol cigarettes, Pall Mall Black, which is described as “Full flavor”, and Pall Mall White, which is called “smooth”. The traditional menthol style is called Pall Mall Green.

Pall Mall is currently sold as a Canadian discount brand in Red (fully flavored) and Blue (light) colors.