“Lucky Strike, nothing else” this saying made the brand known and popular in Australia. The traditional brand of Virginia, Burley and Orient tobacco with a full tobacco taste stands for strong, spicy smoking pleasure and characteristics. The filter cigarettes are
available in a sturdy hard box. The cigarettes without a filter are sold in a soft pack.

Lucky Strike cigarettes current portfolio includes a total of five different product lines, of which there are different SKUs.
Our Lucky Strike cigarettes Original Red is the heart of the brand and is so popular because of its tasteful US blend.
We refine our classic tobacco with toasted Burley tobacco, which gives our Original Red its unmistakable Lucky Strike taste. The LS Flow Filter Lucky Strike cigarettes were developed because we have identified a potential at Lucky Strike that helps us to position ourselves even more broadly in the market segment and thus gain new market shares. The “flow filter” used for this cigarette is modern and innovative. This has made Lucky Strike cigarettes a unique selling
point in Australia:
The filter suggests to the consumer a product that looks modern and moves with the times. This is supported by the attractive design of the cigarette and the pack. In addition, the cigarette is characterized by its particularly mild and pleasant tobacco taste.
As a part of trend and market analyzes, it emerged that consumers in the Australian market are interested in additive-free products. Lucky Strike cigarettes jumped on this trend, which has proven to be the right decision due to the success. Here, a mild and an intense flavor was created to meet the taste and interest of many consumers. LS was a pioneer in this area because they were the first brand to introduce such a product.
Taste where the tobacco comes from: For all those who appreciate a full-flavored taste, our Red Lucky Strike cigarettes are just the thing.

The same applies to our Blue Lucky Strike cigarettes, but with one subtle difference: it has a milder taste. However, what both products share is that they are free of additives.
With Lucky Strike cigarettes, we know that the taste of a tobacco is shaped by its origin. Climatic conditions as well as geographical conditions do their part to ensure that tobacco tastes as it tastes.
It is refined with selected tobacco, which gives it the uniquely strong, spicy taste. And without any additives.

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