The Kent brand is a well-known manufacturer of tobacco products. With its appearance on the market, it pleased smokers in the fifties. For such a long period, Kent cigarettes have proven themselves from the positive side. Very quickly they gained the trust of smokers globally. This product range is highly appreciated by lovers of moderate strength, remaining true to unobtrusiveness in taste, which is accompanied by softness of aroma.

The color scheme of the packaging, as well as the content of nicotine and tar, indicate impeccability. Packages can be as follows – white – silver, white – blue, white – gray, black with a white stripe, black with a dark gray stripe, just black. One capsule or two. In the modern world, choosing and buying Kent cigarettes, consumers can choose any of the existing types of brand products.

A special blend of tobacco from American masters attracts many consumers. To save money and purchase a quality product, you need to use the services of an online cigarette store. It offers a wide range for smoking enthusiasts with Australia delivery. You will find extra quality cigarettes. The main thing for a respectable store is a satisfied customer!

What are Kent cigarettes?

The history of the tobacco brand goes back many years, more than 70 years since 1952. At that time, a novelty called Kent was developed. Its ideological compiler was the American company Lorilard Tobacco Company. Accordingly, cigarettes got their name in honor of the CEO Herbert Kent. This product used the filter for the first time. Long cigarettes with an asbestos filter have become the biggest discovery and phenomenon in the field of smoking. The result was a huge demand in the American market. And people could exchange any product or receive a service. This was followed by the use of a Micronite carbon filter. Customers have always been in awe of the company’s care. Sales of products and its revenues grew steadily and it was stable. Even a demanding and accustomed to the abundance of goods buyer will highlight in the product line exactly those of his cigarettes that he will not replace with any other brand.