Flavoring is a subjective concept. Many smokers who search for the best iqos price Australia wide use iqos because they don’t like the strong smell of tobacco smoke, which is why flavored sticks are featured in this section. The colorful line of heets includes the following flavors

Creation Apricity: warm, fruity flavor, suitable for newcomers to iqos and those who prefer menthol-free sticks.

Heats Purple Label. A familiar flavor with menthol and wild berries. A pleasant, light flavor. Heats Turquoise Label. Noticeable mint component with a slight tobacco flavor. Heats Bronze Label. Unusual flavor with notes of cocoa and dried fruit that customers like.

In principle, smokers who search for the best iqos price Australia wide can be divided into two main groups: the first is those who want to switch to a less harmful way of tobacco use with the help of Icos. They choose flavors that are as close as possible to regular cigarettes. Yellow Label and Amber Label are the most popular among such people and in 2022 heats added Cheek Selection, which also has a delicate tobacco flavor, to its range.

Newcomers, i.e. the second group, start their introduction to this type of smoking without knowing conventional cigarettes. Berry, menthol and nut flavors are suitable. The Marlborough brand produces Purple Menthol, while the Green Zing brand from Heets produces a minty-citrus variant.

The popularity also depends on the region where the consumer is located. Marlboro products are more popular in Asian countries. It is difficult to draw unambiguous conclusions, as websites come to the rescue when consumers want something different.

Those considering smoking Iqos have a choice of where to start and what flavors to try. If you are already a fan of alternative cigarette use, you can find the best iqos price Australia wide, ask yourself or your friends to evaluate different sticks and choose the closest and most convenient option.

If this is not possible, you should start with the lightest ones on the market: Heats Bronze Label is recommended because of its mild and rich sweet chocolate flavor. Marlborough Smooth Regular has a nutty flavor, is not addictive and is suitable for frequent use. Heat Creations Jugen is a light, rich floral flavor, suitable for those who use tobacco infrequently and do not like its smell.

For all sticks for heets, we secure the best iqos price Australia wide.