Initially, Sobranie cigarettes were positioned as elite cigarettes. Special attention was paid to the quality of the tobacco mixture and the paper in which the tobacco was wrapped. The product was sold in expensive packs made of thick cardboard with a golden seal reminiscent of the coat of arms of the Tsarist Empire. High quality and correct positioning of the product attracted the attention of the ruling courts of Great Britain, Romania and Greece. Sobranie cigarettes became an integral part of the aristocratic image!

For almost 100 years the brand belonged to the Redstone family, in 1980 the famous manufacturer was sold to the British conglomerate Gallaher Group. Today, the brand is owned by Japan Tobacco, a leader in tobacco production.

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What are Sobranie cigarettes?

Sobranie cigarettes are one of the oldest brands of tobacco products with centuries-old traditions. The first Sobranie cigarettes were handmade in 1879, but soon the factory was transferred to the industrial basis. Interestingly, Sobranie cigarettes originated in Great Britain. Their appearance was possible with the easy hand of diplomats from the Russian Empire, who founded in London aristocratic club “Russian Assembly”. It was within its walls that the first blends of classically ground tobacco began to be produced. Only high quality Virginia, Oriental and Burley tobaccos were used for the production of premium cigarettes. It is worth noting that after 100 years, Sobranie cigarettes are still positioned as a luxury product.