Drum cigarettes are a Dutch brand of cigarettes with finely ground hand-processed tobacco, introduced in 1956. Drum cigarettes were originally manufactured and distributed by Douwe Egberts Corporation. Douwe Egberts was bought by the Sara Lee Corporation, which sold the Drum cigarettes brand to Imperial Brands, the current British manufacturer.

After Douwe Egberts discontinued the Drum production in the U.S., Republic Tobacco of Glenview, Illinois, began making its own version of Drum cigarettes for distribution in the United States, usually sold with job’s rental paper package. Both versions are considered halfzware tobaccos (Dutch for “half strength”), although the flavors and cuts are not the same due to different aging methods. Halfzware usually indicates a combination of Kentucky Burley’s dark tobacco and Virginia’s bright tobacco. Imperial also produces Drum cigarettes in gold (light) and light (soft) versions. Drum’s main competitor in the U.S. is Bali Shag’s skating tobacco.

The two versions of Drum cigarettes are produced in different locations and have different touch properties. The European Drum cigarettes is dried in barrels in the Netherlands using a centuries-old process, while the American version is produced at Top Tobacco’s factory in North Carolina.

Drum is the world’s No. 1 brand that has terry tobacco stuff. Before Sara Lee sold the Drum cigarettes brand and Van Nell tobacco section imperial the main Drum factories were Drachten and Joure. The drachten plant was closed immediately after moving to Imperial in 1989, and IT decided to continue integrating production into Douwe Egberts/Van Nelle (DEVN), which also had production facilities in nearby Jura (30 km) and Meppel (60 km). IT has invested 22 million guilders (€10 million) in new equipment for the rest of the enterprises. Drum cigarettes are also produced outside the Netherlands in several factories of the Imperial Tobacco Group.

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