Capsule cigarettes are becoming more popular every year. Such a product appeared in the United States back in 2008. Cigarettes with a button began to be sold not so long ago. Now they are available as discount cigarettes in online shops. Therefore, not everyone has an idea about this product. Even many experienced smokers cannot give a clear definition and characterization of capsule cigarettes. A button cigarette, at first glance, is not much different from a regular one.

But inside it there is a capsule with aromatic contents. Its location is marked with a button. If you press on it to a click, the capsule will burst and a liquid will stand out of it, which will charge the tobacco with a certain aroma. The classic taste is menthol. There are also flavors with berry, chocolate, citrus, fruit aroma. Mixes are also sold. Experts advise pressing the button, finishing the whitefish to the middle. Then you will be able to complete the process with your favorite fragrance. Especially if you purchase them as discount cigarettes in webshops.

If you activate the aromatic mode at the beginning, then by the end there will be nothing left of it. The aroma exhales quickly. At first, capsule cigarettes were sold at a high price, so not everyone could afford it. Today, budget series appeared on sale. Therefore, anyone can smoke an interesting and original button whitefish.

Activate the “flavor mode” is recommended not immediately, but at least in the middle of the process. Thus, after smoking ordinary tobacco, you can enjoy your favorite aroma. By the way, the choice of them is huge: classic menthol, fruits, berries and even chocolate. If you press the button at the very beginning, the aroma will exhale, and at the end there will be nothing left of it. Like any novelty, capsule cigarettes were very expensive. Now budget brands are also produced, so everyone can try them. Surely when buying discount cigarettes in our online shop.