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Smokers have quite different preferences when it comes to cigarettes. Often you always stick to a certain brand because you like the taste or you appreciate the price-performance ratio. Nevertheless, the range is of course extremely large. There are different brands such as West, Camel or Marlboro, which enjoy worldwide popularity, but also brands that can find regional or national friends. There are also popular menthol cigarettes or strong cigarettes without filters. You can buy these and denim cigarettes from us and benefit from cheap Mahrpacks for your domestic cigarette supply.

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The Dunhill cigarettes success story began in a cigarette shop. Today the brand is considered a real luxury cigarette that is also very popular outside of England. Dunhill later expanded the range to include cigarillos and cigars and more, and therefore today offers products for different smokers. Quality and precision are still the focus of production today. This appeals to smokers for whom quality is fundamentally very important and who can be enthusiastic about exclusive enjoyment. The Dunhill cigarettes are also available in different variants. Including the blue and red variants, which differ in terms of intensity. You can buy both in our online shop of Dunhill cigarettes.

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