Exclusive cigarettes are cigarettes that have certain properties.
For example, the Astor cigarette is a cigarette that used to be smoked only by nobles, it consists of a particularly high-quality tobacco blend. Astor cigarettes are also an exclusive brand of cigarettes because only one type of them is manufactured. To buy cheap cigarettes, which are exclusive, visit our online shop.

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In addition to the Astor cigarette, you will also find the Davidoff Classic in the Magnum packaging in our online shop. The Davidoff Classic Magnum is a high quality cigarette with a noble past. The former cigarette maker Zino Davidoff used to turn them by hand, at that time the Davidoff cigarettes were made according to the specific principle (Papirossi).
Nowadays, the Davidoff cigarette has white cigarette paper with a white paper filter, and Zino Davidoff’s signature is printed on each cigarette.
The special thing about the packaging is that the cigarettes are kept in a high-quality cigarette box that is only known from high-quality cigarillos, but is also intended to let you buy cheap cigarettes, which are exclusive.

Another exclusive cigarette is the Natural American Spirit Perique. The Natural American Spirit Perique is a cigarette made from dark tobacco. A cigarette made from dark Perique tobacco is anything but ordinary, because most cigarettes are made from a light blend of American Blend tobacco.
Dimitrino cigarettes are high quality cigarettes with an exclusive tobacco blend. Dimitrino cigarettes are available in our online shop in the varieties Shepheard’s Hotel and Springwater. The Springwater is a cigarette flavored with vanilla. Both types of cigarette come in a high-quality cigarette box that is only known from high-class cigarillos.
Last but not least, we would like to introduce you to Vogue Super Slims cigarettes. The Vogue Super Slims Cigarettes are half the diameter of normal cigarettes, and this cigarette is particularly popular among women.
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